Top 7 Marketing Trends for Chiropractors For 2023

2023 is fast approaching! Are your digital marketing plans and content calendars set? Check out the lastest chiropractic marketing trends for 2023 to help complete your strategy!

Mallory Rostamijam


Are you working on your marketing budget and plans for next year and want to ensure you’re keeping up with the chiropractic industry trends? Read through our list of top marketing trends for chiropractors for 2023.


1. Search Engine Optimization For Chiropractors


Search Engine Optimization, SEO, is one of the oldest digital marketing channels, and still one of the strongest. With more mobile users searching for local businesses than ever before, it plays an important role in your new patient acquisition and overall visibility. Ensure your website is fully optimized with not just the basic title tags and meta descriptions, but also schema tags, H-tags, image alt tags, and an xml sitemap. With Google’s algorithm becoming more and more sophisticated, these backend optimizations play a key role in how you show up on google search. No longer are you just looking to ‘show at the top of google’ now the goal is to also rank in the FAQ section, have your images display in the search results, display as a featured snippet at the very top of the page, and so much more. Once your chiropractic website has been reviewed and fully optimized, create a plan to keep it up to date with new content, ideally monthly to ensure google sees your website evolving and continues to crawl it as an authority for updates.

2. Chiropractic Directory Listings


Directory listings like Google Maps, Apple Maps, Bing Local, Foursquare, etc. are number two on the list because they tie into SEO and contribute to local SEO ranking. Having consistency in your NAP (Name, Address, Phone) score helps contribute to your overall authority and ranking for local search, especially for the highly competitive ‘near me’ searches and gaining visibility in the map pack on google search results pages. Most directory listings are free to create, verify or claim and the more high authority citations or directories you provision, the better for building credibility, link juice and overall local SEO visibility. However, beware for services that promise hundreds of links or profiles created for you; that type of large scale increase could be a red flag for black hat tactics or even if the links are good, may prompt warning signs for such a big increase in links to your website all at once. 

3. Strong Website, Find The Best Website Design For Chiropractors


Your website impacts so much of your marketing strategy. It impacts your Google search visibility, user engagement, conversion rate, new patient reach and referrals. If your website is not user friendly, does not load quickly and does not convey who you are or your values, you’re losing customers and in turn, revenue. Your website has merely seconds to capture a user's interest, if they do not engage, they bounce to the next website in the search results. In 2023, it is imperative that you not only focus on your website, work with someone who specializes in chiropractic website design and can provide insights into industry trends and best practices for performance. Utilizing analytics to structure your website with the information your users are most interested in first, or with quick links in the navigation bar can help improve your user experience and conversion rate. Look for examples of your peers to get ideas of both designs and companies you like, and don’t be afraid to make a switch! We see a lot that chiropractors are busy and apprehensive to make a move with their website because they worry it will mean more work or more of a cost commitment to them, but it doesn’t have to be! Work with a professional team and a professionally supported platform to advise you on recommendations to improve your existing website structure or revamp the design if needed, and just because it is new doesn’t necessarily have to mean it is more money. 

4. Virtual Visits: Telehealth for Chiropractors


Over the last few years, there has been an increase in virtual visits. Even post COVID, many have opted to continue with virtual appointments to offer flexibility and convenience to their patients. Of course, there are limitations to what services and treatments can be provided virtually, but many have found that initial consultations for example are just as effective and mutually beneficial and convenient for both parties. There are several low cost or no cost Telehealth or Telemedicine apps and platforms available to chiropractors. At, we recommend our CanvasLive feature, since it’s basic functionality is included with all of our packages, offering a free solution to all of our clients. It is secure, requires no third party app downloads and is branded to you, so it provides a seamless user experience for your patients. Offering virtual visits to your patients may allow you to support patients that otherwise may have a difficult time scheduling appointments due to scheduling conflicts, and offers a new opportunity without necessarily a new investment for your practice.

5. Social Media


Social media is changing but it isn’t going away! With over 3 billion users on Meta’s platforms alone, it remains as a top channel consuming a majority of user’s screentime, and as such not an opportunity to be ignored. There is no budget required to create social media profiles or posting content on them. When creating the content for your social media channels, you want to both create original content that reflects your brand and your unique business, but also is intriguing and likely to catch the interest of the average scrolling social media user that may not be the most captive audience. You want to also aim to post frequently, so that new followers stay engaged with your page as a source of fresh content. 

6. Reels

Reels fall under the social media umbrella, but this form of video content is prioritized on the explore page and creating more video content makes you more likely to trend on social media and get in front of more new followers. Reels content can be easy to create and edit, but even taking simple videos with no editing can allow you to show or talk about office events, new treatments or services, specials, fun facts and so much more! Looking ahead to 2023, be in the group cutting edge chiropractors expanding their business and website traffic through social media traffic, but more specifically Instagram Reels traffic. 

7. Pay Per Click Ads


Pay per click ads, or google ads still remain as one of the highest converting channels. Although there are hard costs associated with this advertising, since you are paying for every click you get on your google ads campaigns, given you have an effective campaign setup, you’re getting in front of an audience or set of users that is most likely to buy or book because they are actively searching for what you are promoting. If you’re looking to start a google ads campaign or revisit an a campaign, brush up on all of the new features within Google ads. Google ads doesn’t update as frequently as Google’s search algorithm, but they do release new features at least quarterly and you should be aware of all of the features available to ensure you have the strongest possible campaign running, to assist with lowering your Cost Per Click, increase your Quality Score, and allow you to maximize your budget. If you’re not well versed in Google Ads, consider working with a team or individual that is experienced, and potentially a Google Partner, to ensure you are set up for success.


The end of the year is fast approaching and now is the best time to plan your marketing strategies for the year ahead. You will want to be agile with your plans as changes with the market, technology and your competition could require you to make changes to your plans, but evaluating these trends for the next year should help you take a step forward for a prosperous 2023. Still have questions about your chiropractic marketing strategy, contact us here or schedule a demo here to speak with our team of experts and discuss your custom strategy today!