Social Media Advertising Tips and Tricks

Getting started with Social Media Advertising allows you to both be creative and expand your reach with potential new customers. 

Mandy Blume


Social media advertising is a great channel to help you reach a new target audience, and fast!  As some of us may know, organic rankings and traffic can take time to build up and not all of us have that kind of patience. To give your business more of an immediate boost in traffic, social media advertising maybe your best option! Before you start to throw money at a new social media advertising campaign, let’s look at how to put your best foot forward and create a Facebook campaign with the goal of maximizing your spending.

1. Create a Facebook business page:

First thing’s first, if you don’t already have a Facebook business page, you should create one. It is important to emphasize that it should not be a personal page but solely a business page. To create a Facebook business page simply visit and go through the guided steps. 

It is key to create your profile under a specific category. Facebook has six options: 1.) local business or place, 2.) company, organization, institution, 3.) brand or product, 4.) artist, band, or public figure, 5.) entertainment, 6.) cause or community. The majority of people will probably fall under the Local Business or Brand categories. The category type matters because each category has different features once the page is created.

2. Optimize and Page Set-Up:

To ensure your Facebook page is getting maximum visibility, and potential customers or patients are getting the correct information, make sure you fully complete your business profile. 

  • The “About” section will be the main area where you can tell people about your business.
  • Upload a profile and cover photo that can visually convey to potential customers who you are.
  • Select the CTA (click to action) button that will direct users to the most important information. This can be found on the main page, on the top right, and will have options like a book now, contact us, etc.

Enable custom Facebook tabs. These are the tabs on the left side of your profile that act as a menu and offer quick links to content. For example: About, Events, Services, etc. Select ones that highlight key aspects of your business or content that is most frequently requested.

3. Follow the “70-20-10” rule:

Once you have fully optimized your profile for engagement, next you get to create content! A pro tip is to diversify your content, you don’t want all your posts to look exactly the same, you should aim for a variety of relevant content. A good way to mix it up is to ask questions, highlight promotions, or share knowledge about your industry.

  • Post original content 70% of the time

  • Post content relevant to your followers’ interests 20% of the time

  • Post-self-promotional content 10% of the time

4. Promote your page with Facebook Ads:

Don’t only focus on organic posts, there are more opportunities to engage with users. Facebook Ads are an effective marketing tool. Boosted posts should be optimized for engagement since this is your opportunity to get in front of a larger number of potential customers or patients and you ideally want them to call you or click through to your website.

5. Target specific audiences to boost ad reach:

For more effective ads, you should identify your target market and try to target them by creating a specific audience with demographic and behavioral targeting characteristics. In doing this, you should get visibility from prospective customers that are really interested in your business. These business promotions are optimized to reach as many people as possible, not just the people who follow you.

Getting started with Social Media Advertising allows you to both be creative and expand your reach with potential new customers. If you have questions about any of these beginner tips and tricks or if you’re looking for more advanced tips regarding tracking, managing multiple campaigns call today at 858-345-5500 and we can schedule a campaign audit to further discuss recommendations!