5 ways call tracking will improve your business strategy

Do you have a call tracking strategy? Maybe you have a vanity number for call tracking but you’re not reaping the full benefits of call tracking analytics? Find out why call tracking is such a powerful analytics tool and how it can help improve your campaigns and overall business strategy.

Mandy Blume


But first, let's assume you’re new to call tracking and looking for a better understanding of how it works. Put simply, call tracking allows you to purchase and provision a unique phone number that forwards to your direct office line, but because it is unique to each campaign or platform, it can provide you with conversion and ROI metrics specific to each campaign. With call tracking, you can analyze both the quantity and quality of campaign calls.

Now, let’s look more closely at the benefits of call tracking and 5 ways that call tracking will improve your business strategy:


  1. High-Level Analytics

With call tracking, it gives you a deeper dive into the analytics. The key takeaways are that it helps you identify how many calls for any given time period, provides trends, times of days, or days of the week with more calls.

  1. Granular Analytics

Now you can filter through those calls and see new vs returning patient volume. You can breakdown calls down by website or campaign to better evaluate campaign ROI and further improve your business strategy and current campaigns.

  1. Audit Quality of the Leads

With call tracking, you are able to listen to all recorded calls. This helps you see the quality of the leads. Are the prospects calling for the price, more information, or to book an appointment. Listening to the recorded calls will provide more insight into what you need to do to your campaigns. For example, if you are noticing you are getting a lot of shoppers, it may be best to provide more content on that service so those leads are eliminated. 

  1. Evaluate Customer Service

“This call may be recorded for quality and training purposes.” One of the most common features with call tracking that you may have heard. Since the calls are recorded and logged this helps the business if their team is converting calls, missed opportunities, long hold times, etc. This is one of the first touchpoints so you want to make sure that the customer is having a great first impression.

  1. Call Reporting Leads to More Productive and Effective Campaigns

As we learned above, call tracking provides you with voice recording which you can use to adjust your business strategy, use for training, and see where the lead comes from. With this data, you can see the best results and optimize accordingly for your business.


Using call tracking gives you access to powerful data, and quickly! Immediate access to call data allows you to audit the quality of the leads and evaluate customer service, often identifying if there is a problem with a campaign or customer service process faster than if you weren’t actively utilizing call tracking data. If you have questions about how call tracking can improve your business strategy, call Roya.com today at 858-345-5500 and we can provide additional assistance regarding the setup or benefits of call tracking.