How To Make Your Ad Copy POP

Are you getting a low engagement rate on your ads? Read our tips to make your ad copy pop!

Mallory Rostamijam


Creating compelling ad copy can be grueling. The majority of users spend just seconds scanning google search results before clicking on a link or trying another search; so creating ad copy that catches their attention and is enticing enough to click can be challenging. The good news is you have help! We’ve outlined a few simple steps to revamp your ad copy so that it is more engaging and enticing to click.


Create ad headlines that stand out and grab attention


What is unique about your business or service? What offer do you have that stands out from your competition? Although there are character count limitations to take into consideration, your primary goal should be to lead with the most convincing offer or selling points about your business. Use keywords in your headlines or ad copy that differentiate you from the competition and include what makes you the best.


Make an emotional plea or invoke emotion with your ad copy


In the majority of cases, emotion plays a larger role in decision making than logic. Marketers that can appeal to consumers' emotions have an opportunity to persuade and influence their buying behavior. When crafting ad copy, personalize your messaging to put an emphasis on the consumer with ‘you’ and ‘your’. You should also identify how you can bring value to your consumers and make an impact in their lives. Are you alleviating a pain point, relieving stress or solving a problem? Call it out and draw attention to how you are going to make them feel after their decision to work with you and the positive change that will make.


Don’t forget the call to action (CTA)


To finalize an ad to maximize conversions, don’t forget an attractive call to action. Create copy that imposes a sense of urgency, identify that this is time sensitive and provokes immediate action (limited time offer, expiring soon, only 2 left, etc). The CTA should also be concise and specific and clearly outline the behavior you’d like your user to take (call now, fill a form, etc.). The biggest thing to keep in mind is that you’re encouraging a user to take your desired action, and now, so use your valuable character count space as a way to strongly motivate them. Inform them that clicking or taking action now is imperative to what they should want to accomplish.


When drafting your ad copy, keep your audience in mind and try to convey how your product or service is going to benefit their needs, solve a problem or provide added value to them. You want your ad to stand out from your competitors, and take up more visual space so take advantage of the real estate available to use any image space, link extensions or other features that may make your ad larger in size and power with all of its features. Your messaging is a key factor in both attracting the right audience and getting them to convert. Once you have your desired ad copy in place, test it, track it, and don’t be afraid to make changes if it isn’t working. Fine tuning ad copy, keywords, landing pages and campaigns as a whole should be an ongoing process. Utilize tracking tools like google analytics, it empowers you to make effective edits that are truly data driven. Still have questions or want a complementary audit of your marketing services? Visit and enter your website domain to get a comprehensive website and digital strategy audit today.