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Custom Web Design

Unlock Your Online Potential. Choose From Multiple Tiers of Tailored Web Design Spearheaded by our Expert Designers

At Roya.com, we recognize that your online presence extends beyond a website; it embodies the digital persona of your brand. That is why our commitment goes beyond a conventional web design; we deliver a complete suite of products, complemented by a professional support team devoted to ensuring your business flourishes online. Catering to diverse budgets, our tiered design options allow you to either aim for the stars from the get-go or begin modestly and expand effortlessly through our innovative Canvas® platform. Irrespective of your business stage, from cold-start practice to a well established market leader, Roya is your partner in navigating the path to online success.


Snap Designs represent the most cost-effective professional digital presence. At this design tier, our team of expert designers flawlessly incorporate your brand identity into an array of layouts that embody industry best practices. This approach unlocks a world of endless design possibilities, meticulously customized to meet the unique requirements of your practice without having to start from scratch. With Roya's Snap Designs, you will experience an unparalleled fusion of affordability and professional quality, setting the stage for your digital journey. Learn More​​​​​​​


Proven Marketing Strategies

At Roya.com Marketing, we set new standards for digital excellence, fueled by a relentless dedication to innovation and backed by our white-glove service. Elevate your brand with our comprehensive marketing packages designed to exceed the unique demands of our diverse clientele. From budget-conscious cold-starts to flourishing market-leading practices, our custom solutions are designed to strengthen your online footprint and elevate your digital strategy to unprecedented levels. Choose Roya.com Marketing for a partnership that promises to exceed the ordinary and ensure your success in an ever-changing digital world. Multiple Marketing Packages to choose from:


Are you ready for a website that turns visitors into customers?

Our Professional package has all the required tools to get you started:​​​​​

  • Secure Web Hosting

  • Dedicated Client Services Team

  • Canvas Toolbox & Platform License

  • Domain Services

  • Real Time Analytics Dashboard

  • Lead Capture Forms

  • Search Friendly Content


Ready to give your online presence a boost?

Get everything in the Professional Package and:

  • Quarterly Organic and Local SEO Optimizations

  • Quarterly Marketing Consultations

  • Quarterly SEO Blog Content

  • Reptuation Tracker

  • Call Tracking


Secure your spot on Google’s First Page
Includes Premier package benefits plus:

  • Monthly Local and Organic SEO Optimizations

  • Monthly Marketing Strategy Consultations

  • Monthly SEO Blog Content

  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Canvas® Studio Social Media Credits


Ready to put the pedal to the metal and accelerate your business growth?

Enjoy SEO+ benefits and:

  • Custom Google Banner Ad Campaigns

  • Optimized and Monitored Display Ad Campaigns

  • Done-for-you, Custom Social Media Posts

  • Custom Monthly Reports


Are you aiming to outshine the competition or establish market dominance?

Includes everything from Accelerator and

  • Expert-built Google PPC Search Ad Campaigns

  • Call Tracking With AI Insights

  • ​​​​​​​Semi-monthly SEO Blog Content

  • YouTube Ad Management

Canvas®CMS Technology

Canvas® is a revolutionary marketing platform that integrates a comprehensive suite of modules including CMS, CRM, Analytics, and a Design Studio, among others. Developed as a proprietary solution by Roya, Canvas® is engineered to deliver unmatched customization and low-code/no-code efficiency. This platform distinguishes itself from conventional options such as WordPress, offering more powerful customization options and industry specific solutions tailored to meet ever evolving needs. Moreover, Canvas® is equipped with advanced security measures, adhering to strict compliance standards to safeguard sensitive client information, setting a new benchmark for reliability, scalability, and efficiency.

Cloud Based Technology

Canvas® CMS platform utilizes latest technologies including a cloud hosting environment and cloud based asset management and CDN. You and your clients can enjoy faster page speed and better usability standards than the competition, giving you a competitive advantage in SEO and user experience.

ROI Tracking

Using our suite of tools and tracking modules, you can assess the effectiveness of all your online efforts. It may sound like a no-brainer to have such transparency, but you will be surprised to know majority of businesses do not have access to such real-time reports!

Call Tracking

Track & listen to every call originated from any of your online or offline campaigns all within Canvas® platform.

Visualized Website Editing

Visualize your website changes instantly with our revolutionary live-view editing.

All-In-One Marketing Platform

  • Responsive design seamlessly adapts to all device sizes

  • Create dynamic landing pages

  • Integrated analytics & lead-generation monitoring

  • Email campaign functionality to encourage patient reviews, boosting your local SEO rankings

  • Social media integration for the ultimate branding capabilities

  • View your website's analytics & top-searched queries in Google

Explore Our Innovative Solutions

Call Tracking

Track & listen to every call originated from any of your online or offline campaigns all within Canvas® platform.

Visualized Website Editing

Visualize your website changes instantly with our revolutionary live-view editing.

The Roya Difference​​​​​​​

Best-in-class Technology
promising constant innovation
and continuous improvement.
Deliver Results with
complete transparency
for clear ROI tracking.
Display Urgency with our
approach to increase
Powered by the creativity
and ingenuity from
​​​​​​​collaborative Teamwork

Roya.com was started by technologists and marketers and we continue to innovate to stay ahead of the crowds. We are different, it shows and we are confident you will agree.

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